Code of Conduct

All guests, event and resort staff have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and it is entirely right to champion diversity, equality and inclusion.

Be nice:

We all attend events to help make them awesome and inclusive for everyone. We're here to play games with each other and build friendships. So, please follow our code of conduct.

Be nice to talk to, and engage with:

  • The use of foul language at, verbally abusing, or belittling fellow guests, event or resort staff will not be tolerated
  • There is no place for racial abuse, sexual harassment, intolerance or discrimination due to race, disability, religion, gender, sex or sexual orientation

Be nice to be around. We have zero tolerance of:

  • Physical violence towards guests, event or hotel staff (including pushing or shoving)
  • Causing intentional or deliberate damage to the event buildings, property, or the property
    of any guest, event or hotel staffer
  • Disorderly conduct due the influence of alcohol or drugs