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I use Tabletop Simulator on the Steam PC platform to play epic games with more complicated rules. For example War of the Ring, Twilight Imperium IV or Dune Imperium with all the expansions (pictured below). There is a lot of stuff scripted to automate turns, but you also have to move components and understand the rules yourself, just as you would if playing at a real table. Loads of games are available as workshop created content, many free, some of suspect legitimacy, plus loads of approved DLC at a fraction of the physical copy price.

Setting up and putting away games is also a whole lot faster!

Matt’s opinion here! TTS is a board game simulator aimed at existing online gamers. If you’re happy playing The Witcher III or Call of Duty with a mouse and keyboard then you’ll have no issues here. But the interface and manipulation of your viewing camera, components and functions may be a bit much for those not used to online gaming.

I also use TTS to host a Dungeons and Dragons table, and play in several campaigns using all virtual maps and miniatures. It’s a fantastic resource and a regular feature in the Steam Sales, or as a bundle of 4 to share with your friends.

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