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I use Tabletop Simulator on the Steam PC platform to play epic games with more complicated rules. For example War of the Ring, Twilight Imperium IV or Dune Imperium with all the expansions (pictured below). There is a lot of stuff scripted to automate turns, but you also have to move components and understand the […]

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Patreon Support

We joined Patreon! And the Meeple Tier at £1 a month is available as an opportunity to support our goal of establishing more residential gaming holiday locations across the UK. A crack team of Elves have just become available after completing seasonal work at the North Pole. They will be applying glitter to meeples in […]

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Board gaming is a really social hobby, and (I think) it’s best enjoyed with a group of friends around a table with an interval for a shared meal. But life can get in the way and it’s not always easy to get together in person. Thankfully there are many ways to game online, and Board […]

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